Love Ribbon

The visual novel, created by Razzart Visual is a true gem, I first bought another VN as soon as I got steam ( I’ll review that one when I finish it) on my new computer that can play many, many things, so I got it and I honestly wasn’t sure, since there was no voice acting, but, the design was appealing and it had good reviews, plus it was a small-ish developer, so why not?

Man..from the first time I was hooked, I seriously had to force myself to go back to work instead of plreading more (play+read, lol, learned from The OG lord) , I loved how it was, you know, not so cliché, I mean yes they are sisters ( sisters who have never met before don’t even count as sisters for me, specially not those with different parents who re-married, Citrus, I’m looking at you) but then again, being siblings didn’t stop Cersei and Jaime eh? *wink*

I of course got the true/good ending , needles to say there is an extra after story if you got this ending AND a free adult patch  *blushes* it’s even animated and all… I guess I’m buying more games from these people… please, do get it and play  it and enjoy

I won’t spoil it for ya, but it’s a must have. wincest is life.




Goals for next birthday ( or before it )

1.- Buy a freaking gaming PC where I can run Diablo III smoothly.

2.- Lower body fat to around 19-21 %

3.- Buy new smartphone to play Pokemon Go

4.- Buy Nintendo 3DS to play Pokemon X/Y

5.- Be hottest than a stellar fusion.

6.- Truly enjoy being single

7.- Never to consider move in or live with a possible future gf ( if I do have a future gf she’s gonna have to be really supa awesome ). Noppers.



Fly for fun

It’s been ages since I did a game review!! so let me tell you about this one :

It’s tiresome at first,cos you are silly with silly equipment and little money, but I started to play again,made a new character, I believe my 4th lol, and this time I nailed it! The thing is the currency,penya,the prices can be crazy ass maniac, I was lucky I had some money from my other char,and there are several events going on,that’s what I like the best about the game, there’s events and you do get special stuff that can either help you or you can sell for good money.

You start as a vagrant with a wooden sword,haha, you kill small monsters ( called masquerpets ) and there’s quests, I try to do them all cos it’s fair good experience and some good ( or at least useful at the moment ) items, also some cash never hurts,specially when I see some weapons sell for billions,YES BILLIONS,I got about 1.5 billion haha and I’m not rich by far.

Ok anyway, you can choose your job at level 15 (?) either a mercenary ( the typical melee fighter ) ,a magician ( duh ) ,acrobat ( the ranged fighter ) or an assist ( the buff-me-up kind ), then at level 60 you can choose another job weee!! It is really exciting ,you can go like this :

Mercenary :  Knight (big ass hp awesome tank  / Blade ( wields dual weapons,kills fast,very fast )

Magician : Psykeeper / Elementor  ( no idea on these ones -_- )

Acrobat : Ranger ( bow and arrows )  / Jester ( yoyo fighting )

Assist : Billposter ( fights more than the rm )   /  Ringmaster(  I know the rm gives you awesome buffs..)

At level 130 you can go even further!! ( oh you also go Hero’s complicated to explain,but let’s say you won’t hit cap level too soon,which makes the game more fun ) but I won’t cover that cos I don’t know anything about it -_-

So there’s quests,scrolls,it is super useful to invest some money on the premium items shop,I spent like 20 dollars ( it was my birthday so !! ) and I got me 8 levels in a day ( that’s a lot,specially if you usually play solo like me ) buff pets, who also pick up stuff ( useful ! )

It is lots of fun,it’s not omg WoW graphics or DDO but it works well, personally I’m loving my blade. Come try,and if you choose the server Tanuki, give ReginaHolz a greeting, I can help ya out some .


Habèis encontrado una oveja,y un nuevo blog!

Lately latitude latveria

ha sillyness! HA! HA! TONTOS! ok I had to use that phrase is too good, originally I was gonna write a long post about many things,and how I feel and all that boring crap,but instead I’m gonna simply say things are mmkay and I should be writing something important so that’s what I’m gonna do,guess I just wanted to keep my little blog alive,oh it will be more lively,really, specially now that I found out getting movies to watch on torrent is much easier muahaha, ghost rider is good ,and also are Transformers,working out again,altho not as hardcorrrre.

Ok this is the final old post stolen from old blog, hoho now enjoy the things to come and hmm guess that’s it

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