Go get a roomie!

I have wanted to write about this online comic, it’s so awesome I can’t even aspire to fully express how it’s made me feel. But I will try my best.

Go get a roomie <— please do read it,all ,as slow or as fast as you wish but read it.

We have Roomie, who ,well crashes on girl’s apartments and sleeps with them, like very casually, you may think of her as a nature fun loving person who is carefree and is a free soul.  We have the twins, the woman is a domme and the male is a sub, please note terms like male and female are used quite loosely in this comic series, which is cool in a different way than it usually is portrayed. We got the viking like bartender, lots of fun, the Roomie fans as I like to call them, and Lillian… you see, she provides the series with the most amazing factor I’ve yet to encounter. Dreams, she has lucid dreams and the stories that happen there and how dreaming makes her see the world..ahh boy, I won’t spoil anything for you cos I really want you people to go and check it out, it’s sweet,it’s fun,it’s endearing,it’s made me cry u.u , it’s just too good for me to put in words.

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The moment it’s out I am gonna order me a copy.

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