It’s alright being an adult

A combination of my favourite song and my latest coming of terms with life. Brilliant!

I have to confess I always linked being an adult with being a boring person who hated their job, had a ton of bills to pay and had no joy. This can of course be true,  but I just realised it can also mean to be someone who can do well on their own, have the means to, for example, enjoy activities, go to places, upgrade a PC, buy glasses, etc.

It can be a mixture of responsibility  and common sense and fun, I don’t know why I was fixated on the idea that one can’t exist with the other, certainly this modern society burdens us with the idea of what a proper adult is, someone with their own car, buying a house to pay in 30 years, in other words is living a life imposed on “how things should be” but we as humans tend to do this throughout our lives.

I firmly believe you can do it all, yes you start with a job that may not make you passionate but it’s very nice and you get a nice payment ( I am of course speaking of myself here ) which allows you to get money to : buy things you need, save up, keep looking for that dream job ( translation agency!!) and further prepare yourself  ( I’m looking at you CAE test ) so being an adult for me means realising this, doing my best effort on all the things I do, even if it’s not my favourite things, cos such things bring me closer to the things I do want ! It’s also admitting maybe you relied too much on others, but this only made you more aware of how much there is left to learn, luckily I am a fast learner .

I have a brighter view on life, I have been thinking long and hard about my future and my life, something I avoided wildly not long ago, and… it’s alright, it’s not scary anymore, anything I want to do, I know I can, I know I am a fucking capable person and that is something that will always be true!

It also implies to keep your word and respect when others need time.

Nothing to ponder about life like seeing  this Tesseract.



Witty title not found

I usually find cool titles for my posts… this is an exception, so let’s get on with it. Things are ever changing, we know that, sometimes we just kind of have it blasted in our faces, maybe it’s the universe’s way to make sure you do notice!

I’ll be cryptic enough and say that life gives you rare chances to “walk the walk” or is it “walk the talk “? I don’t understand this idiom so well… Anywho, like you can say, express, verbalize, how much support and understanding and patience you can have, but then times come when you get to show it. That’s priceless and one must make the best of it. Give time enough time to set things where they go. So if you meet that chance, stick to all you said and be there, be patient.

Now, you know I’ve been struggling with the whole fitness/fat loss thing, well, I’ve lost 3 kilograms, of what I think it’s fat,yay, but I am not logging my food anymore, I am keeping mind of portions, using cups and my hand as a measure, but not weighing the meals anymore because it’s became too much, too much time thinking about what can “fit” the room for macros aka carbs, protein, fat.  Thinking ahead so much is unnatural I think, as it is to mindlessly dwell into anything just cos you’re hungry. This uneasy feeling when not being able to properly write down exactly what you ate.

Sure it helps to do it for a while, to get a feel of how well you are doing, I tend to undereat, so you can see this, but I am now just going by the vegetarian nutritional pyramid , I know what a portion of each food is, so  I just think “ok 4 portions of fruit, 4 of veggies, 4 of grains and legumes” that’s much simpler, because well, I still have to mind what I eat for the results I want, I was pretty fit a while ago, I want that, I never had abs per se, but my stomach was flat, and if I remember well, I did not log my food, I just ate mostly natural food, at least 4 times a day and I worked out very hard. So cleanish eating + working out.

I’ll keep some useful guideliness though, like limiting alcohol to once every 2 weeks or so,keeping it at 1. Not to overdo the tacos, those can be once every 2 weeks too. Almost no carbs at night.

I already feel less anxious so this can only be good, and for all other things, everything is fine and will be fine, eventually works out like that.

Just to brag, I got Hyper fury X RAM for my PC.

PS Watch “Salvage” movie from 2006, it’s sort of low budget, VERY good.





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