Love, Live! First impression

Seriously,another title I would of never considered to watch on my own,but thanks to some doujinshi ( look for Cocoa break + Sweet Pea author ) I ended up loving the Maki x Nico pairing, even tho I had never seen the anime…and now..well I’m on episode 2 but it’s already entertaining,made me chuckle 4 times and I’m getting interested.

I’m aware there’s no blatant yuri to be seen ( I’ve read season 2 has more of it ? ) but that the subtext it’s definitely there so… I’ll inform on it all when I finish the 2 seasons and the specials.  So,that’s gonna be like 2 days haha.

… is it my idea or Maki is a bit of..a bit of..a tsundere? Kyaaaaah.



Fly for fun

It’s been ages since I did a game review!! so let me tell you about this one :

It’s tiresome at first,cos you are silly with silly equipment and little money, but I started to play again,made a new character, I believe my 4th lol, and this time I nailed it! The thing is the currency,penya,the prices can be crazy ass maniac, I was lucky I had some money from my other char,and there are several events going on,that’s what I like the best about the game, there’s events and you do get special stuff that can either help you or you can sell for good money.

You start as a vagrant with a wooden sword,haha, you kill small monsters ( called masquerpets ) and there’s quests, I try to do them all cos it’s fair good experience and some good ( or at least useful at the moment ) items, also some cash never hurts,specially when I see some weapons sell for billions,YES BILLIONS,I got about 1.5 billion haha and I’m not rich by far.

Ok anyway, you can choose your job at level 15 (?) either a mercenary ( the typical melee fighter ) ,a magician ( duh ) ,acrobat ( the ranged fighter ) or an assist ( the buff-me-up kind ), then at level 60 you can choose another job weee!! It is really exciting ,you can go like this :

Mercenary :  Knight (big ass hp awesome tank  / Blade ( wields dual weapons,kills fast,very fast )

Magician : Psykeeper / Elementor  ( no idea on these ones -_- )

Acrobat : Ranger ( bow and arrows )  / Jester ( yoyo fighting )

Assist : Billposter ( fights more than the rm )   /  Ringmaster(  I know the rm gives you awesome buffs..)

At level 130 you can go even further!! ( oh you also go Hero’s complicated to explain,but let’s say you won’t hit cap level too soon,which makes the game more fun ) but I won’t cover that cos I don’t know anything about it -_-

So there’s quests,scrolls,it is super useful to invest some money on the premium items shop,I spent like 20 dollars ( it was my birthday so !! ) and I got me 8 levels in a day ( that’s a lot,specially if you usually play solo like me ) buff pets, who also pick up stuff ( useful ! )

It is lots of fun,it’s not omg WoW graphics or DDO but it works well, personally I’m loving my blade. Come try,and if you choose the server Tanuki, give ReginaHolz a greeting, I can help ya out some .


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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No game no life

I finally decided to watch this one … why didn’t I before?? It’s about NEETS,who are gamers and at least in Japan,hikkikomori…also, you have all the logic and super smart genius minds and agdgfssghss

I loved it, I can’t wait for season 2. The whole bro-sis complex thing was a bit unpleasant now and then but, after seeing how weird and how misunderstood those two are..well it was ok.

Elves? checked

Fantasy world where everything is a game? checked

People with wild animals traits? checked

Random data on science,geography and the like? checked

2 girls who could be just as well more than friends? cheeeecked

Now go enjoy it, I won’t even spoil it cos you muuuuust watch it,it’s quite funny and damn interesting.

Ahh poor Stephanie Dola..hahaha she’s hilarious.


Now go enjoy it

229th G-View: Selector Spread WIXOSS

I’ve never reblogged ANYTHING,but this review just nailed it, and I was excited about letting people know about this show cos it’s so so so so awesome… and well,since you are on it, check this guy’s blog it’s really,really good, I’ve found many jewels thanks to him.

Also if you are new to yuri or wanna know more about anime titles and manga,well this is your best choice,go ahead and check it out.

The Yuri Empire

Warning! The comments section of this review will contain SPOILERS. It is recommended to skip past posted comments unless the reader has also watched both seasons. This is Selector Spread WIXOSS.

Here’s the season 1 review:

212th G-View: Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Spread WIXOSS Cover

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Merry Christmas ?

Este año no odiaré la navidad, de hecho estoy intentando celebrarla de una manera entre amena y neutral, ya veré como sale.  ¿Por qué? Después de toda una vida de que me cagaba y recagaba y me volvía a cagar… Les diré porque.

Resulta que de niña si me gustaba la Navidad…porque me daban doble regalo ( una de mis fechas de cumpleaños es el 25, la oficial, the real one es el 22, eh larga historia, estúpido sistema burocrático ) pero fuí creciendo y la gente se concentraba más en la Navidad y menos en mi cumpleaños que a veces pasaba totalmente desapercibido ( menos por mi madre, eso si sería muy triste ) entonces me fue gustando menos, eso y los villancicos , ( esos siguen sin gustarme,no hay modo,no los que repiten hasta el hartazgo en las tiendas y en la radio al menos, unos BIEN cantados tal vez ) y las canciones de Daniela Romo y Pandora, ¡Por favor hagan unas nuevas, covers, lo que sea!

Total, luego me hice vegetariana a los 18… menos me gustaba, ( me sigue castrando que maten muchos más animales en la época y que talen tantos arbolitos pero bueno…) porque no podía comer mucho ( yo no sabía cocinar ni nada ) y así pasaron los años… a veces uno se acostumbra a odiar algo o que le disguste mucho y hasta olvida el porqué, yo no, pero quería comentar eso.

Ahora, a mis casi 32…wow tantos años -shock- conocí a alguien que me motiva a que me gusten cosas nuevas o que intente des-odiar cosas…en vez de darme a conocer más cosas que me disgusten, creo que ese es un cambio sin precedente y excelente, digo no voy a ser el espíritu de la navidad y usar un gorro pero puedo decir que estoy excited, nunca había hecho un esfuerzo consciente por disfrutar esta festividad,no desde que tengo 18. ( gracias Val )

Para empezar hice una lista de las cosas que SI me gustan desde antes de la navidad :

1.- Los monos de nieve.

2.- Los pingüinos y osos polares,que ni viven juntos pero ok.

3.-  Esta canción sobre navidad de Caprice,un grupo ruso.

4.- Desde hace 2 años, la cena, porque ya comemos todas lo mismo en casa .

5.- Los episodios especiales de navidad de las series

6.- El aguinaldo haha, en serio.

Así que…bueno,con esto dicho espero que quienes me lean pasen unas fiestas agradables, sea navidad o Hannukah o Kwanza o lo que les guste, y que pasen tiempo de calidad con la familai y todo eso. A mi lo que me molestaba mucho es que la gente se pone muy buena onda en navidad, y todo el año son ogeis o no te pelan, digo, si uno va a ser buena onda debería ser siempre, en fin, sólo porque estoy muy de buenas les deseo a todxs que la pasen super duper, que les den regalos lindos que les gusten, que coman rico ( aguas con la engordada xD ) y si van de viaje que sea una experiencia agradable.

Felices fiestas, no olvidemos que también se celebra el solsticio de invierno ( Yule )


A beautiful mind, that can recall many many names

That’s not my case, since you know i’m a big anime fan, well , I’m kinda picky now that I think about it… anyway, how can people remember every single freaking name?

I can remember most of the names,sometimes even full names,on the current animes that I’m watching, but after that’s done, my mind is left blank, some names come from ages ago so that’s a closed deal ( Ikari Shinji, Soryu Langley Asuka, Usagi Tsukino, Saotome Ranma, Tendo Akane – Nabiki – Kasumi, ,etc ) but watching some people go through names, and last names like it’s nothing really amazes me.

So to amuse myself I decided to make a list of names that I remember to the date.

Kuroki Tomoko ( Watamote protagonist, the brother is Tomoki duh, so pretty easy )

Enma ai ( Jigoku Shoujo, maybe cos it has 3 freaking seasons )

Tohsaka Rin ( I like magicians, and a tsundere one is best Fate/stay night)

Illyasviel von Einzenbert ( Yisus,how can one not remember this kind of name, Fate/stay night )

Stella Harvenheit ( same as above, Chrono Crusade )

Excel ( from Excel Saga.. pretty easy eh )

Gasai Yuno ( THE yandere girl, Mirai Nikki ) )

Banba Mahiru/Shinya ( Akuma no Riddle, split personality, kinda outstanding )

Izumi and Ryouma ( Love Stage my first real yaoi anime and prolly the last )

Kotono Mitsuishi ( a very freaking awesome seiyuu )

Hayashibara Megumi ( gave voice to many, many dear characters )

Misaki Mei ( Another )

Izumi Konata ( my favourite otaku girl )

I don’t even try and dare to do this with korean people, those names are still too strange to me, too short >.<

… that was it… I’m sure there are about 5 others I can remember, some i do but i dislike them,so they are off the list, like freaking Emiya Shirou puahj! ( Fate/Stay )