You see people attached to their phones,computers or other gadgets everyday,all the time,so this movie plot, developing a relationship with an OS that has a “consciousness” , doesn’t seem like a sci-fi thing, it looks like something that will someday have it’s own name ,you have gays,lesbians,straight people,bisexuals,pansexuals,will we have datasexuals or AIsexuals (AI stands for  artifial intelligence  ) ? I am convinced we will.


So…the movie is set in like either a much more modern time ( 5-10 years from now ? ) or in a super high tech city, in any case it’s awesome cos you really can see this happening, the fact that it explores relationships in the way it does.. I am actually stopping the movie to write this,cos it’s fresh now this feeling ,this… Love is amazing and wonderful ,but it also can get  really complicated… I’m glad I’m watching cos I still feel all that joy and wanting for my girlfriend, well,it’s been a year, I think it goes on decline on most cases,it certainly it’s not  the exact same feelings I had before, but I like it cos it means it’s evolving, towards what ? Heck do  I know!! but it is not static,and that means it’s “alive”.  I really wonder where will it go to…

Anyway this is to talk about the movie, I thought it’d be about this loser, this forever alone dude who can’t get something “better” than an OS…but it’s not quite so simple ,I mean, he actually has to explain some people that he is dating “Samantha” ,this humm woman,well why not? she can experience emotions and grow,as we all do,and what really got me interested,she questions if her thoughts and feelings are her own or just part of some programming and…well are ours? Do we really think what we think or feel the way we feel? I think not,many times I’m left wondering why did I say or do this or that,when I didn’t really meant to….

Oh whoa,they have like surrogates for humans/OS’s relationships,so the OS can have bodies…kinda. Interesting.

Splendor and decadency, do all relationships and cultures and things have to go through that? I’s really discouraging .

Hmm… I don’t know what to make of the ending…. I liked the movie.



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