Hana to Hoshi

The flower and the star… isn’t that pretty? Well, you know I’ve been reading lots of yuri manga titles, few stand out, this one..oh my goodness, it’s super awesome cos it’s very different ,it made me laugh out loud ,which doesn’t happen easily and it’s cute, and the design is quite good,in the sense of…well few times protagonists are shown as…eh how to say it..random as fuck people, with crazy eyes,and on top of that Hoshino-san / we shall call her crazy random girl from now on / was fat as a kid, aewwww ,that’s super cute I don’t know why but it is.

So in most titles girls just meet and have sex,or have sex right after learning they like each other, of course it’s never just “liking each other” it’s “I’ve loved you since 15 years ago” ( ¬¬ ) so they kinda make up for it haha,which I can kinda understand…anyway,this is different cos ,well it just is, of course there is a common shared past and what not,but I thought it was brilliant and it seriously made me laugh so much,ahhh I just loved it to bits and I want you people to enjoy it as much as I did.


polish text? O.o

polish text? O.o

WII recommendations

Heya! Well I finished every single available manga title regarding Yuri that was available on Mangafox… I don’t know whether I should feel proud or ashamed …  Ahem,so I started enjoying my WII console ( I had to pawn it for a while ¬¬ ) and I wanna recommend these titles to you people :


Zelda: Skyward Sword : It’s the good old Link,there’s Zelda,who gets kidnapped ( if you are fans this is no surprise at all ) I dislike flying in them birds ( Loftwings ) but I LOVE the usage of the controller this time,you can really swing that damn sword around like it’s nobody’s business …you actually play Link for good…ah so good…I just entered second “stage” but I can tell you already I LOVE it love it love it. (Shall I remind you one of my tattoos is the Hyrule family crest along with the triforce…? )

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout : Yeah…I go to gym and I got me this one haha, It’s fun, I don’t know how plausible is for people to actually get fit using a videogame, but I reckon it’s much better to swing yourself around and try to dance ( even if you have 3 left feet like I do,and I write 3,cos they’d tangle so much ) than doing nothing,so give it a try,at least I found it quite amusing,and will add it to my everyday routine,see how it goes.

Project zero 2 : Known also as “Fatal Frame” it’s spooky ooky goodness, haunted spirit cameras,haunted houses,haunted everything.

Kirby return to dreamland : It’s Kirby…he inhales…has powers…can’t be better,can’t be.


I was eager to try zumba world party but it won’t freaking play properly on my console so that was it…I did try the Core edition but since I’m an awesome dancer…well I scored 0 everytime so I dropped it .  u.u

Yuri manga

So,I’m back to it, this summer I might get not 1 but 2 part/time jobs and also the food selling is somehow working, still got time to kill so, I started to read a lot of manga,since my series are over ( wtf Akuma no riddle…will review your ending later ) Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is being merely ok ( hurry manga hurry ) and Citrus is sadly only on manga and it comes out every 2 freaking months  T_T

Ok so I’ve read tons of yuri titles of course, and most make no sense ( except for girlfriends, shoujo sect, citrus and others ) I mean, it’s the one-sided crush usually, that magically turns into a mutual crush, then ,usually, they just jump in for sex, UNLESS it’s not even that , they just meet and go for it!

There is this one, “Orange sunset on lips” or something like it ( what a title ) this girl develops a crush on the new comer who is fancy and all coming from the big city ( omg so original ) Kanae, so she starts buying the same things Kanae has, the mobile plushie, the lipstick…she even buys a freaking wig A WIG,she puts it on ( Kanae is of course blonde ) and ..well gets off,while thinking about the other girl…wearing a wig… that’s rather creepy xD  Then of course they become “friends” or something and Kanae has this secret crush on the creepy girl ( huh? ) so she kisses her, she finds out about her creepy habits, and they have sex and end up being…I don’t know what the hell they are but seriously, it came out of the blue, you can just like someone, I get that, but being in love with someone you only see to walk home with… Or I’m a romanticless biatch or japanese people are just easy to engage.

Most mangas run the same course, “Hi..crush..sex” others make you wait for it, the story has great development and there are plot twists and stuff like that,but oh well, will continue looking for more mangas to read, there was one that seemed super nice, but it was dropped, I refuse to read it due to that.


The image corresponds to the manga title “Citrus” AMAZING, it’s all so difficult but heart warming and it gets more and more complicated..agh I guess things that come so easy aren’t as special or worth mentioning…anyway it’s an awesome title go read,read it now.




Akuma no Riddle light review ( ep. 9 ) SPOILERS

Ok so… This anime is great, I thought it was meh at first but it gets more and more intriguing, if you haven’t seen it..do so and freaking Mirai Nikki <3


Mahiru/Shinya Bamba … what a sad story… I mean, I’m upset Isuke died but then again she was a total bitch, her past was kinda sad alright, but Tokaku saw her aunt being murdered by her grandma… Ichinose..well all those scars and she seems pretty useless tho ( except for the attack of the cell phone hilarious ) so it must mean she is radically powerful or she snaps and loses it or she was super bad ass but is now reforming…

So, for flash backs, Bamba was like being held captive in some… cell,or some room with steel walls, all alone..but there was some dude taking pictures and I think raping her or abusing her in some way, I don’t know if she was kidnapped by some lunatic or if it was her family or if she was sold for this… so one day she lost it and killed him, ( getting that scar on her face ) what happened then was, I think and it seems clear, that it’s when she splitted ( Multiple personality disorder ) and it’s how Shinya was born, protecting her… I wish we’d know more about that…maybe in the manga.

Ah right WTF those marks/tattoos/scarifications on Nio’s body??  I knew she had something weird going on,cos Mrs. Scissors got all scared when she cut her bow and saw beneath her shirt… and did she have filed teeth? what?



A very personal letter

So this is a letter for me ,more exactly for my body, I saw it in a blog and at first I thought it was stupid…but then,well here I am,you can read or not read. ( sweet soft medieval folk music on the background )


So,hello there body, I know we haven’t had the best relationship, brain here and you haven’t got to get along too well right? I’m sorry about that,it’s just…when I feel sad I tend to focus on bad things, a lot, we know this, and you resent it,I have seen this motivation images that read “Your body listens to everything your mind says” WHOA, poor you,really ,I know I can go on and on for a long while about pure nonsense and hatred and remorse and worrysome stuff, but you know I’ve been working on that, while brain has still a long way to go, I want for all of us to do this journey TOGETHER, I need a clean healthy mind as well as a body,so we gotta get on the train at the same time.

I’m really sorry I never cared for what I ate when I was younger, I’m sorry I tried stupid things just to “fit in”, really,really sorry,cos that made me hate you afterwards,yes I hated those 25 kilos we gained,but it wasn’t your problem only,it was me trying to please others and trying to be someone I am not,nor ever wanna be,so for that I’m sorry, the good thing is we are on the good track,OH WAIT,I must apologize for those crazy ass diets too,I just didn’t like me at all,you know I have problems with that, they’ve got better indeed! But still out there, I am sure that won’t ever happen again cos I discovered the key, is what old people always say : excersice and eat healthy, you know this whole learning to prepare meals and going vegan after being a poorly nurtured vegetarian has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for both of us,mind and body ( yo,soul! didn’t forget about you ;) )

You may see I’m done overdoing things, I rest properly ( eh maybe not so much on weekends,gonna try harder on that ), I work out to the max but I respect you if you are aching and stop for a while and make sure nothing is damaged, I guess at first you were shocked,these pains,this rude amount of sweat,but hey,we can do so many things now!! Remember when we couldn’t even hold ourselves still at the bar? Now we can do bar-to-toes  at least once  !!! I’m so proud for what we’ve done,don’t you ever listen to those silly girls telling us how flat assed we are or how our legs “got so little” ,you know they are just fat asses,no offense but really, they are overall fat, it’s normal their asses are so big, I rather have a little muffin baking and baking ( that is the ass lol ) which is little but firm and nice than massive old fat there, and for the legs, oh my,don’t mind that shit,they are awesome,see how the femoral muscle shows a little now? It’s cos of those squats and crazy things trainers sets us to do!!! We look amazing and we can do amazing shit,we didn’t even run before,now we can go for some kilometers! Thank you,really thank you for keeping up with me.

Yo teeth, I’m sorry I’ve always disliked your shape, it’s prolly not your fault,but the genes and even so,without you I couldn’t eat and we would die, I missed you so much with this last wisdom tooth extraction… it really hurt,and it was horrible not being able to eat,so I may still not go corn smile around ( but that’s cos I don’t really like smiling…dunno why..hmm maybe cos I don’t feel like it lol ) but I am now brushing you properly,it’s so tiring haha,takes me ages but I’m happy you look healthy and clean now, I hope we will stick together even when I’m old ( who knows how old will I be ) cos I’m making sure you guys don’t get sick and fall ok? Thank you for allowing me to eat the wonderful food world has to offer and the one I cook.

Hair…you know I would like you to be straight,japanese straight, but that can’t be unless I iron you,which I try not to do a lot cos I suspect it damages you ( sorry,but you look so cute!! ) but hey,now I’m not giving you poo in the form of shampoo,I’m washing you with a more natural,cheaper,less intrusive mix, also I stopped dying you,for now,hehe I wanna see how long you can get. Thank you for not falling off and leaving me bald,don’t you ever ok? :*


I think this is it, I shall keep on taking good care of you,eating my nice meals,working out,trying to relax massively and not putting you under much unwanted and unneeded stress,you please keep up with me and we will be fine!! also don’t mind me when I get desperate about the tummy, I know it takes a long while and I’m aware it may never be like super super flat, I just want us to be a better version of ourselves, I’m sure you like that too,cos you’ve gotten stronger eh? So gambare!!!

Love you,really,so be goodie and I will be too.

PS I still don’t know why the pictures come out so bad, I know we have a kinda cute face,just the angles…but don’t worry ,the mirror is better for this.






Mirai Nikki ( Future Diary )

It’s been a while since I write about an anime ( and/or manga title ) so it’s about time…well I must confess I’ve watched/read Akuma no riddle,Sakura trick,Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and read Citrus  <3 ahh so good and so on going so that for later.


Now,this title, Mirai Nikki, well let’s start with the plot, there’s a guy ( useless whim ) Amano Yukiteru ,so Yukki-kun is like an observer, he just writes about his environment in his diary ( people in Japan keeps diaries on their mobile phones it seems ) ,so he talks to an imaginary friend ( not really ) Deus ex machina, god of time and space, ok so far he has a stalker…eh admirer, Gasai Yuno, the two of them enter a survival game, where 12 people own a future diary, which predicts what’s gonna happen,based on how the user make use of the diary before the game started. So the one who wins becomes god..nice prize eh? So the idea is to :

1.-  Figure out who the other owners are

2.- Avoid being killed by them ( sometimes changing the future several times,from “Dead end” to,well not dying )

3.- Gotta kill ‘em all!


KINDA  SPOIL                                                   KINDA SPOIL                                                         SECTION AHEAD

Amano  Yukiteru:  First  .He is a total whim,he actually craves having friends but he is just not good at it,or escaping,or killing people or wielding an axe…  -sighs-  but in the end he mans up and I can say he’s cool.

Gasai Yuno :   Second .  Well, Yuno is…is… the poster girl of Yandere!!!! she is TOTALLY PSYCHO , she’s skilled with weapons,guns,knives, ( why??? I’m not sure of it… ) she does loves Yukki,but she’s a bit too enthusiastic when helping im out, ( only reason he is not dead the first episode is her honestly ) so, don’t be misled, her mother became abusive and kept her in a cell,sometimes,with little to no food…her dad would not interfere…she snapped and locked them both in the jail so they’d understand her pain…but she forgot to check on them and well, they died…so she..ah..she got  A LITTLE BIT NUTS, be honest,wouldn’t you also lose it??  I won’t say more, you have to,haaaveee to see it yourself.

Minene Uryu : The ninth , she kicks ass! a former terrorist,ah so many things happen…I won’t spoil this one for you,cos it’s really a must see  .

The rest I don’t really care for… anyway watch it and be aware that if you got a looney psycho killer behind you,well it might be nice when a survival game comes up, otherwise just freaking escape,very,very far away…tho you may wanna ask her if her parents are like, abusive or lock them in or something… ( Carrie comes to mind)


Ain't she cute?

Ain’t she cute?


You see people attached to their phones,computers or other gadgets everyday,all the time,so this movie plot, developing a relationship with an OS that has a “consciousness” , doesn’t seem like a sci-fi thing, it looks like something that will someday have it’s own name ,you have gays,lesbians,straight people,bisexuals,pansexuals,will we have datasexuals or AIsexuals (AI stands for  artifial intelligence  ) ? I am convinced we will.


So…the movie is set in like either a much more modern time ( 5-10 years from now ? ) or in a super high tech city, in any case it’s awesome cos you really can see this happening, the fact that it explores relationships in the way it does.. I am actually stopping the movie to write this,cos it’s fresh now this feeling ,this… Love is amazing and wonderful ,but it also can get  really complicated… I’m glad I’m watching cos I still feel all that joy and wanting for my girlfriend, well,it’s been a year, I think it goes on decline on most cases,it certainly it’s not  the exact same feelings I had before, but I like it cos it means it’s evolving, towards what ? Heck do  I know!! but it is not static,and that means it’s “alive”.  I really wonder where will it go to…

Anyway this is to talk about the movie, I thought it’d be about this loser, this forever alone dude who can’t get something “better” than an OS…but it’s not quite so simple ,I mean, he actually has to explain some people that he is dating “Samantha” ,this humm woman,well why not? she can experience emotions and grow,as we all do,and what really got me interested,she questions if her thoughts and feelings are her own or just part of some programming and…well are ours? Do we really think what we think or feel the way we feel? I think not,many times I’m left wondering why did I say or do this or that,when I didn’t really meant to….

Oh whoa,they have like surrogates for humans/OS’s relationships,so the OS can have bodies…kinda. Interesting.

Splendor and decadency, do all relationships and cultures and things have to go through that? I’s really discouraging .

Hmm… I don’t know what to make of the ending…. I liked the movie.




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